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Jackie French - Australia Historical Fiction

Jackie French is one of those authors synonomous with Australian children's literature.  Her writing career started by accident and I'm so pleased that she did pick up her pen to write.

Jackie has written numerous historical series:
Today I would like to share a few of her Australian Historical Fiction books with you. (Please note that the links to Book Depository are Affiliate links)

  • Format Paperback
  • Pages 304 
  • Dimensions 128 x 198 x 20mm | 212g
  • Publication date 01 Aug 2009
  • Publisher HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Publication City/Country New South Wales, Australia
  • ISBN10 0732285410
  • ISBN13 9780732285418 
It's the height of the gold rush in Ballarat in 1854. It's a place of dreams, gold and unrest. Join Sam, a homeless teenager who is called to join the Puddlehams who run 'the best cook shop on the diggings'. Sam experiences first hand the power of a united stand which changes her life and the lives of those on the gold fields forever.

The Eureka Stokade is a central part of Australian history and pivotal to our freedoms we have today.

The Night They Stormed Eureka was awarded the Young People's History Award in the 2010 NSW Premier's History Awards.

  • For ages 12-17
  • Format Paperback | 304 pages
  • Dimensions 128 x 196 x 20mm | 281.23g
  • Publication date 28 Apr 2004
  • Publisher HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Publication City/Country New South Wales, Australia
  • ISBN10 0207199426 
  • ISBN13 9780207199424
Eight year old chimney sweep Tom Appleby has been convicted of theft and sentenced to deportation to Botany Bay.  He is a member of the First Fleet and arrives in this new and wild country that has little to offer that the English are used to.  Soon after his arrival Sergeant Stanley takes on Tom as a servant and along with Sergeant Stanley and his son they build a new home, set up an orchard and vegetable garden for themselves.  Follow Tom and his new family as they learn what it is like to be pioneers in this new land of Australia.

Tom Appleby, Convict Boy was recoginised in the 2012 Children's Book Council Awards.

  • For ages 12-17
  • Format Paperback | 224 pages
  • Dimensions 130 x 197 x 14mm | 158g
  • Publication date 24 Jul 2006
  • Publisher HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Publication City/Country New South Wales, Australia
  • ISBN10 0207200777
  • ISBN13 9780207200779 
Isaac is twelve and has joined the HM Bark Endeavour as a master's servant under the command of Lieutenant James Cook as they sail to Tahiti to map the transit of Venus.  Rumours about that the Lieutenant has orders to search and find the Great South Land.
Isaac soon learns that there is an order to thing aboard the Endeavour and that as the new crew member he is not good enough to feed the goat.  The goat he soon learns has laready sailed around the world, seen oceans and lands far off.  As time passes a new friendships grows between Isaac and the ships goat, one that lasts through shipwreck, bushfire, illness and the discovery of new lands.

The Goat Who Sailed The World is book one in the Animal Stars Series.  It is based on the true story of a stroppy animal who sailed with James Cook on the Endeavour. She provided milk for three years on the voyage.   You can read more about this famous goat on Jackie's website.

  • Format Paperback | 256 pages
  • Dimensions 128 x 196 x 14mm | 222.26g
  • Publication date 01 Aug 2008
  • Publisher HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Publication City/Country New South Wales, Australia
  • Language English
  • ISBN10 0732285437
  • ISBN13 9780732285432 
 The story of Burke and Wills expedition as experienced through one of the pack animals.  The humans call him 'Bell Sing' but the other camels call him "He Who Spits Further then the Wind. Transported from the mountains and deserts of the 'Northwest Frontier' (present-day Pakistan and Afghanistan), Bell Sing accompanies explorers Burke and Wills as they try to cross Australia from south to north. Bell Sing has never had a high opinion of humans - or horses. And this expedition is the worst managed caravan he's even been in. Camel handler Dost Mahomet and soldier John King are also beginning to wonder if their leader is competent, or crazy. Bell Sing can smell water over the sandhills on the horizon ... and freedom too. Can the expedition succeed? And who - if anyone - will survive? This is the gritty and true story about one of the most extraordinary and iconic events in Australia's history.​

The Camel Who Crossed Australia is the third book in The Animal Stars Series. You can read more notes on the book on Jackie's website.

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A Tale of the Australian Bush

Welcome to day one of the Homeschool Review Crew 5 Days of Homeschool Blog Hop 2018.  As an imigrant and lover of the Charlotte Mason approach of using living books to teach I have been searching for books that cover Australian history and geography.  This week I would like to share with you some of the treasures that have made there way onto my shelf.  Some of these treasures have been discovered on friends shelves and others I have discovered via Jeanne blog Oh Peaceful Day.  I deeply appreciate every single friend who has generously shared titles with me and helped me grow my collection.

Today I would like to start the week of books with a duology written by Eleanor Spence. (Please note that the links to Book Depository are Affiliate links)

  • Author: Eleanor Spence
  • For ages 12-17 
  • Living History Library
  • Format Paperback | 195 pages
  • Dimensions 134.6 x 215.9 x 17.8mm | 204.12g
  • Publication date 14 Apr 2009
  • Publication City/Country United States
  • Language English
  • ISBN10 188393799X
  • ISBN13 9781883937997
This series is set in the early 1820's and begins in Switherby where Miss Arabella Braithewaite is caring for ten orphans.  She is acutely aware that there is no future for this mix of children and needs to find a solution to giving them a better future.  Her plan is seen as outrageous but she never the less pushes through to take the children to Australia and take up a land grant in New South Wales. Once they arrive the true challenges begin in this wide open land. As the days unfold they orphens need to overcome some serious threats which in turn becomes a life-giving adventure for each one.

Eleanor Spence (1928-2008) is an Australian author and writes with personal insight and brings life in the new land of Australia with quiet dignity and determination.

Jamberoo Road 
{Sequel to The Switherby Pilgrims}

  • For ages 12-17
  • Format Paperback | 184 pages
  • Living History Library
  • Dimensions 139.7 x 210.82 x 17.78mm | 272.15g
  • Publication date 01 May 2007
  • Publication City/Country United States
  • Language English
  • ISBN10 1932350179
  • ISBN13 9781932350173 
It's been five years since Miss Arabella Braithewaite and her ten orphans took up their land grant in New South Wales in Australia.  They have now settled and are living in a home built with the help of a convict and a young Aborinignal boy.  Miss Arabella is determined to find a way to provide for the future of each and everyone of her ten wards.

I can not do justice to these beautiful books suffice to quote the back:
"Eleanor Spence ably handles her large cast of characters, showing their unique qualities while deftly interweaving the threads of their lives amidst the beautiful and untamed landscape of the Austalian bush."

Living History Library
The Living History Library is a collection of works for children published by Bethlehem books, comprising quality reprints of historyical fiction and non-fiction, including biography. These books are all chosen for their craftmanship and for the intelligent insight they provide into the present, in light of events and personalities of the past.

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Exploring Creation with Human anatomy and Physiology {Review}

Last month was certainly one of the very best happy post days in our homeschool. Apologia blessed us with the complete set of Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology. I was so overwhelmed with their generosity!

What we received

Human Anatomy and Physiology Textbook
Begining with a short history of medicine and following into human anatomy from a Christian perspective.
  • Author by Jeannie Fulbright and Brooke Ryan, M.D.
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 978-1-935495-14-7
  • Pages 265
  • The book is divded into 14 weeks of lessons:
    1. Introduction to Anatamy and Physiology. Cells, DNA,
    2. The Skeletal System (bones, ligaments, joints)
    3. Muscular System (tendons, musckles, cells, muscle types)
    4. Digestive and Renal Systems
    5. Health and Nutrition (nutrients, water, carbs, proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals)
    6. Respiratory System (nose, lungs, asthma, diaphragm)
    7. Life in the Blood (veins, arteries, plasma, red and white cells, platelets)
    8. Cardiovascular System
    9. Nervous and Endochrine Systems
    10. Nervous system Extended
    11. Senses (smell, taste, sight,)
    12. The Integumentary System
    13. Lymphatic and Immune Systems
    14. Growth and Development
  • Each chapter has a practical hands on experiment to reinforce learning.
  • These books are a part of Apologia's Young Explorer's Series and uses the Immersion Approach to learning. Jeannie Fulbright the author explains that by examining one topic fully children go deeper so that they can really know, understand learn more fully, this in turn builds their confidence as well as giving them the tools to actually know science via the terminology and processes.

Human Anatomy Notebooking Journal 

  • Softcover spiral bound journal 
  • Contains 202 pages and an appendix of 66 pages.
  • Consumable and intended for a single student use in grades 3/4th level and up.
  • ISBN 978-1-935495-15-4

Human Anatomy Junior Notebooking Journal 
  • This journal is for beginning writers.  It is divided into 14 lessons.
  • Softcover spiral bound journal
  • It contains 230 pages
  • appendix of 66 pages.  The appendix contains all the mini book cut outs and templates to complete the assignments.
  • Consumable and intended for a single student use.  
  • This journal is similar to the and intended for use by younger students in years K to 2/3 grade level.
  • ISBN 978-1-935495-47-5 

Differences Between the Journals
  • The juniour journal contains colouring in pages with the scriptures on them, the older journal does not have these pages 
  • Juniour Journal has less pages for notes.
  • Juniour Journal contains lines with height spaces to make writing easier.  The lines are also wider apart.
  • Older Journal uses crossword puzzles for the vocabulary exercise where as the younger journal uses matchbook mini books.

Human Anatomy and Physiology MP3 Audio CD 
  • The CD contains the complete audio recording of Exploring Creation Human Anatomy and Physiology Textbook read by the author Jeannie Fulbright.  
  • The CD is not in standard format.  The audio files are in MP3 and you will need an MP3 compatable player or computer to listen to it.  You can download a sample on the Apologia website.  
About Jeannie Fulbright 
Jeannie Fulbright is a mother of four and the author of Apologia’s Young Explorer Series. She is a regular speaker at numerous conventions, conferences, women’s retreats, and other events on all topics related to parenting, marriage and family, homeschooling and science. After her homeschool journey began, Jeannie discerned an immense need for Creation-based, scientifically sound, engaging, and easy-to-use science curricula. And so the Young Explorer Series was born.
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

  How we used it
One of the many curriculumns I've had my eye on over the years is Apologia.  I really love the idea of teaching science from a Christian world view. Apologia's mission is "To publish homeschooling curricumlum and resources and host online classes to help families learn, live and defend the Christian faith."  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to look over and begin using their Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology.

At times I've been anxious about teaching the sciences as some of the fields are fairly complex.  One of the most inspirational quotes that has given me the confidence to continue home educating is the following statement I read by Dr. Jay L. Wile "Can I teach high school science?  NO As your student gets older, your role changes from teacher to fellow learner."  One of the things I've appreciated about using this series is the conversational tone that the author uses.  She speaks to the person reading the book and as such both Nathaniel and I have learned some interresting things about the human body.  Human biology has long held my interest and I've always enjoyed reading more about it and it's amazing complexity.

Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology is the sixth book in the Young Explorers Series.  Your journey begins with a short historical introduction to anatomy and physiology.  From here you move onto the study of the single cell which is the fundamental building block of the human body.  It then progressively teaches through the specific bodily systems such as the skeletal system, muscular, digestive, nervous, respiratory systems et cetera. Integrated into the learning is caring for these systems via life style, nutrition and finally all this is reinforced with hands on activities and notebook assignments.

The textbook is divided into 14 lessons.  Each of the lessons have been designed to be done over two weeks therefore covering 28 weeks of school.  IF you purchase the Notebooking Journal the weekly reading and suggested notebook assignments have been prescheduled out for you. In the sample above for Lesson one you can see four days worth of science.  The readings have been scheduled with narration breaks.  Narration is a Charlotte Mason method to encourage the student to pay attention, think, process and retain the knowledge they are learning. The narration breaks are clearly noted in the textbook.

Interspersed throughout the reading in the textbook are beautiful colour illustrations clearly illustrating what is being taught. Applicable vocabulary words are printed in bold type face.  The Try This! segments are hands on activities helping to reinforce learning.

Experiments to enhance understanding (and some are edible making them a true hit around here especially as they are created using highly desirable items 😀) are interspersed throughout the book.  In the introduction section of the textbook is an itemised list of what is needed for each of the experiments and Try This! sections. The items are listed by lesson and most of the items used are common household items we had on hand.

The Notebooking Journal and Junior Notebooking Journals are very similar and contain
  • Suggested schedule
  • Colouring pages
  • Notebook pages to record interesting facts 
  • Review Questions
  • Assignments
  • Scripture Copywork (print and cursive samples to copy) 
  • Vocabulary Crosswords
  • Project Pages
  • Miniature Books
  • More to Explore (extra experiments, biblical insights, and book suggestions)
  • Field Trip Sheets
  • Final Review
  • Appendix - contains all the full colour mini books, and personal person resources needed to complete the journal.

The journals are designed to enhance learning and as such you are encouraged to choose which activities to do and which ones to leave so that learning does not become a chore.

The audio CD was a surprising addition we enjoyed. It is beautifully presented and Jeannie reads clearly making listening a pleasure.  We used the AEM MP3 player provided.  This made selecting the correct track for listening super easy as there are over 400 files on the disk.

It looks like a mini iPod on your screen and works in the same manner.  We really ejoyed the music which enhanced our listening pleasure. For example there was music in the transition between history of Anatomy and Ancient Egyptians.  The music had an Egyptian flare.

 The CD contains the complete audio recording of the course Exploring Creation with Human anatomy, it is not always verbatim as on occasion some of the words or sentences have been altered slightly to make it easier to listen to.  The CD is a great compliment to the book and especially helpful if you are not familiar with the pronounciation of the terminolgy in human anatomy.

Apologia has provided a section called Book Extra's which is located on their website.

You will need to create your account and log in. Your homepage will display the books your have registered.  Each textbook comes with a special code word that you use to add to your course list.  Once added you click on the course title which opens a page full of links which Apologia have curated to enhance each of the lessons within the book. Each link has a short discription of what you will find. For example here is a video they shared about skull bones. I really like these extra's as all the work has been done for me, and I know that the information is correct and I do not need to pre-check any of it.

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